Multi-Active Shave(UNISEX, VEGAN)


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This isn't shaving cream... this is the best shave you've ever had.  We are talking major shaving indulgence – as in this is better than having the barber show up at your house each morning and give you a straight blade shave.

Why is it so good? Why is this the best shave cream? Because it isn’t “just” shaving cream.  What starts as a light and soothing cream transforms into foam once it is applied to your skin.  When that happens, your skin is exfoliated – allowing for the closest possible shave.  Then moisturizers penetrate your skin, leading to reduced redness and chafing.  And anti-aging ingredients like Algae Extract and Glucosamine HCL then go to work – because who wants a close shave only so they can see more wrinkles.  

It feels luxurious, it smells clean, and it disappears leaving nothing but smooth and soothed skin.  All that’s missing is the barber pole spinning out front.

Use: Daily. Morning and evening as tolerated.

TURO SKIN™ Multi-Active Shave is an advanced, soothing, lubricating shave cream that is applied as a cream but transforms into foam. A gliding shave cream infused with anti-inflammatory agents that soothe irritated skin, this innovative shave cream protects, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin for a closer, more comfortable shave with no anti-razor burn.


⁄ Self Foaming 
⁄ Raises hair follicle 
⁄ Reduces razor burn 
⁄ Soothing 
⁄ Moisturizing
⁄ Anti-aging


⁄ Anti-inflamatory agents (Licorice Root Extract)
⁄ Anti-irritants (Irish Moss, Red Algae)
⁄ Soothing agents (Licorice Root Extract)
⁄ Moisturizers (Sea Moss)
⁄ Antioxidants (Algae, Yeast, Glucosamine Complex)
⁄ Collegen Stimulants (Algae, Yeast, Glucosamine Complex)
⁄ Exfoliants (Algae, Yeast, Glucosamine Complex)

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