Top 5 Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Top 5 Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

top 5 anti aging skin care tips

Do you ever ask yourself how some people seem to never show signs of aging?

Stars like J-Lo or Keanu Reeves age with grace. You can, too! There are many ways to look younger both naturally and with surgery. We’ll discuss some natural anti-aging skin care tips you can start putting into practice today.

Depending on your lifestyle and biology, age can change the appearance of your skin as early as your teens or sometime later in your midlife.

There are certain factors you cannot control, such as genetics that gives you a specific facial bone structure or the falling of estrogen levels that promotes the sagging of the skin. The good thing is, there are natural ways that have a significant influence on how your skin ages, such as making use of some natural anti-aging skin care products.

Taking care of your skin is essential. You do not need to see the signs of aging (smile lines, fine lines, brown marks, crow's feet) before you decide to take care of your skin. With the right anti-aging skin care products and tips, you will be glowing even when you are in old age.

Below are five unique anti-aging skin care tips you can put into practice today!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Besides getting enough sleep, you need to focus on how well you sleep if you want to prevent signs of aging. Having a good night’s sleep is one natural anti-aging skin care tip that many people forget to practice.

Before hitting the sack, swap out your pillowcases every few days. Sleeping on dirty pillowcases and linens can cause acne.

Sleep on your back instead of on your side. According to reports, sleeping on your side is one way of encouraging sagging skin and fine lines. So get in the habit of sleeping on your back.

Additionally, using a skin care product before bed like the Turo Regenerating Night Cream can help prevent aging as it rejuvenates, replenish, and renews your skin.

Don’t Over Exfoliate Your Skin

Proper and regular exfoliation is one of the major steps to looking younger. When exfoliating, make sure that rough products are not used on your skin. The products you use should be as gentle as possible. Our Multi-active shave gently exfoliates at a neutral pH while providing optimal hydration. The Multi-active shave is an award winning, patented formula for optimal shave conditions while also performing as an ideal self foaming cleanser.

Over exfoliating can make your skin sensitive dry, and dehydrated. It may become more susceptible to sun damage, which will cause signs of aging.

[Tip] Add this to your facial exfoliation routine: after you exfoliate and moisturize your skin, apply the Daily moisturizing lotion and Turo Revitalizing Eye Cream. These products brightens your skin, replenishes moisture, prevents water loss, and so much more.

Keep Hot Showers Short

Drinking water is a great anti-aging skin care tip that is affordable and great for your overall health. When using it in the shower, though, make sure it isn’t too hot.

Using hot water in the shower can cause your skin to dehydrate and also cause broken capillaries. Instead of using hot water, use lukewarm water to do your cleansing and to open your pores, then use cold water to rinse and tighten.

A skin care product like the Turo Daily Moisturizing Lotion can provide added moisture. Besides its sunscreen properties, it's also a moisturizer and also works against anti-aging.

Be Careful of Too Much Sun Exposure

While the sun is good for the body and our health, it is quite important to reduce how much time we spend in it. This is because the sun causes loss of collagen and damages elastin in our body, which can lead to wrinkles on the face and neck area (goodbye jaw line!).

Too much sun exposure can promote skin cancer, rough skin texture, and discoloration. Therefore, you need to spend less time in the sun and also ensure that you use a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 on your face, neck, and ears. The Turo Daily Moisturizing Cream and Turo Sports Lotion are the perfect for this.

Lower your Alcohol Intake

Cocktails are great now and then. But those drinks can be causing more harm to your skin than good.

Alcohol is a hepatotoxin, which is a toxic chemical substance that damages the liver. The more of that in your system, the harder it is for your body to maintain a clean system. Drinking will dehydrate your skin. Over time, your skin will appear less plump and fresh. Have you ever noticed how your face looks the next morning after heavy drinking?

Drink in moderation and remember to drink plenty of water before and after a night out in the town.

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