Receive Free Shipping

Ask for a coupon code from your physician

Each physician's offices that dispenses TURO SKIN products have a special patient discount code to share with their patients so that patients can purchase products online with free shipping.

Please contact your doctor's office to get the physician's patient discount code to use for your online purchases.

Free shipping with any order over $100

You can get free shipping with any order that is over $100.

Visit and Buy From Your Doctor's Office

Okay, this isn't really free shipping, but it is important so we want to re-emphasize that the best place to purchase TURO SKIN products is at a doctor's office. Consult with your doctor on how to take care of your skin.

You will soon be able to find a physicians office that carries TURO SKIN products near you.  We are developing a great tool to help you find a physician's office. It will be a searchable list/mapping tool that helps you quickly locate the nearest office based on where you are. 

If your doctor does not carry TURO SKIN products, let them know! Also, please let us know who your doctor is and we will reach out to your doctor

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