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Full LA Fashion Article

February 24 2014
Ok men, let’s be honest with ourselves.  We really do care about getting old and we care about ho...

Turo Skin lip balm in OK Magazine

October 2 2013
"...Must-Have Men's Grooming Products For Movember" Drake, we hope you are enjoying your Turo Lip...

"The Best High-End Grooming Products"

September 27 2013
Turo Multi-Active Shave was listed in in their favorite picks. "A good shave cream is...

Bro-tox and More

August 5 2013
My August bylined article in Les nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa which was centered around men's...

"Guys Buy!" This just in beauty Try it! Buy it?

July 31 2013
Turo Skin Multi-Active Shave was selected as a "Guys Buy!" in LeHigh Valley Style. "This isn't yo...